Walnut’s Wicked Wand


Turned on a lathe (it’s been a minute since I’ve turned) using mostly carbide tools because skews are scary. Made with Walnut and Maple, connected using a mortise, tenon and CA glue. Finished with danish oil.

This particular wand has had a long and lonely life. Sitting atop the highest shelf in Ollivander’s wand shop, it was often overlooked. Year after year, first years would come to buy their wands, but for some reason Mr. Ollivander never suggested it to any witch or wizard. Was there none of sufficient brilliance and ruthless ambition to yield such a wand? For these were the characteristics that the wand preferred, having been made from both Walnut and Maple. Could it be the abnormal length of the wand? 16” was exceptionally rare and would require a rather strong wizard to conjure magic successfully. Or perhaps it was the dragon heartstring core that kept Mr. Ollivander from offering it to his customers? After all, dragon wands are immensely powerful. In the hands of a tenacious witch or wizard that turned to the Dark Arts, this wand would be dangerously capable of immense power. No, perhaps it was best this wand was kept out of reach. There is no telling the horrors it could unveil if put into the wrong hands.