Artificer’s Wand


Wand was made using multiple processes including metal lathe and welding. It is made out of metal, only has 3 unmodified components. The wand uses non-projectile charges to emit a loud sound which can cause temporary loss of hearing, as well as minor burns if placed too close to an object.

Powered by ingenuity and pure will to cast a spell, this wand was created by one who was neither born with the ability to channel magic, nor with the money to go to an expensive wizarding school. Able to cast a thunder clap which causes 2d8 damage, this powerful item can also spew a momentary burst of sparks and ignite the air so quick the result is almost invisible. Prepare for an all new breed of soldier when this hits the market, some suggest that it may eventually be able to hurl a small piece of metal farther and faster than the strongest crossbow.