A cracked damascus billet was forged into a spike with lots of jagged corners and edges. I then burnt the root of a quince tree to hollow it out and completed this handle with some carving. Chiselled brass bands hold the spike to the handle and add some dwarven looking details. Epoxy resin and oil for the finish and stabilization.

In the war between the Aesir and the Frost Giants, Odin’s lightning missed its target and travelled all the way down to Svartalbheim. There, in the home of the dwarves, it struck the mighty roots of Yggdrasil, the world tree, where it got stuck and solidified to a dark crystal.
A dwarf by the Name of Regin found it, still lodged in the smoldering root that had stopped it.
He realized the terrible power such a lightning shard holds and decided to cut it out of the embers. With dwarven magic and bands of gold, he bound the shard to the very root he found it in, and thus created a poweful weapon, granting its wielder the power over life and death, Odins heavenly fire! He named the wand after his brother, Fafnir the dragon.