Sims Monopoly


Sims Monopoly!! Made in the Sims 4 on the largest lot, 64×64 tiles, this has taken me 50 + hours to complete and there is one thing I did not get to do. I way underestimated how hard it would be to come up with and build 22 mini lots, big chunks of time just speeding on what to do and what was going where.

Each corner has a theme of City, Residential, Commercial/arts and Countryside. They are all named after places and worlds from the Sims, real world inspiration came from London and British architecture such as Palace Theatre and Liverpool Docks.

Even though Sims is a single player game and there is no dice, the game is playable, if a bit scuffed. Each lot has a photo tile card, on Go there is a Bank box and 8 wallet boxes with gems to represent the money. The chance/chest spaces all have a bookshelf with books being the cards. It takes advantage of all bookshelves on the lot having a shared inventory. You can write custom books, but this is the one thing that I ran out of time on.

Overall I am very happy with it no matter how long it took, loved getting to build in the different styles and seeing how small you can push things together and have them still work!! 😀 Was a lot of fun!

Full list of lots in board order cause I want to share them:

Myshuno Market, Evergreen Docks and City Station
Newcrest Townhall, Landgraab Apartments and Foxbury High
Britechester Hight Street, The Electric Company, Goth Avenue and Willow Creek Garden
Britechester Station, CopperDale Stadium, Plumbite Pier and Magnolia Promenade.
Del Sol Square, Plumebob Museum, Starlight Theatre and Henford Rail
Olde Mill Hill Farm, Henford-on-Bagley Cannal, Water Works and Finchwick Church
Olde Mill Lane, The Brindleton Estate and Windenburg Castle
Palace Station, Stargazer Hotel and Torendi Towers