Pirate Fortune Dice


What better way to pass the doldrums aboard the pirate ship, The Anchored Albatross, than by telling fortunes with teeth?
These fortune dice be fresh out of our dear Capn Flynn’s mouth, removed by the ship’s carpenter via forceps and other sharp looking tools we know not the names of. She was very kind hearted and allowed us to keep them, broken as some of them be, and with her knowledge imbued! We roll the teeth straight onto the boards of our deck, wishing for cool breezes and ships with riches sent our way!

These teeth dice were pulled on May 19, 2023, quite literally out of Albs’ mouth. They are made of human wisdom teeth, and the markings made with…sharpie.
This design/concept was chosen in jest, but then was encouraged by other members of the community, and we decided to uh, ROLL with it!
The most challenging aspect of this entry was the exit, er, extraction of the teeth. Quite painful indeed, and the recovery from such was a bit more than anticipated, but the Captain weathered the storm as she always does! She wants a burger. desperately.

Fun fact: she has had a total of 8 teeth removed, and has been able to keep all of them in her possession. How cool is that?!

Fun fact #2: it is not known for certain if these teeth dice DO tell the future…it is too early to know – perhaps another toss might reveal more…or another..hm