Backgammon Board


I decided to craft a backgammon board, with different wood inlays, and not using resin, as it was a greater challange for me. I did some try outs before, to find the correct settings for cnc carving. As I do not have a planer or manuel router at my dispoal, all had to be done on the CNC: The main board is made of bamboo, the inlays are made of walnut, and some other pieces I purchased a sample mix of.
The general theme of the board is celctic – Though I got some single elements from the net, I did the design from scratch, considering the size of my machine, material, and my possibilities. The tokens and the dice are also self made, and the tokens are engraved with celtic symbols.
Only purchased parts were the hinges and the closure for the front, to close the board for easy transport and storage.
Most challenging was to create wood inlays from 4mm thick wood pieces, as these were hard to hold in my machine, and if they were too large, didn’t hold in the female part. I learned quite a lot working on that piece, and expect to make better craftings in the future.