Milk Caps – Pogs


Milk Caps or Pogs has a Hawaiian origin that dates back to 1927 and hit worldwide popularity in the early 1990’s when a Hawaiian school counselor taught students to play. The game was played by stacking CARDBOARD caps from milk bottles and disrupting the stack by hitting it with a heavier Slammer. The milk Caps or Pogs and slammers come in a variety of colors and graphics. The pogs are made from cardboard(not corrugated) with several genres of prints, graphics, art and themes. The slammers are roughly the same diameter but are much thicker, heavier and made from materials like metal, plastic, wood, resin, etc. The Pogs I made came from beer and soda cartons, action figure packaging, CD album cover, movie tickets and backed with cardstock. The slammers: the skull slammer is purple heart and resin (with Etch-A-Sketch dust mixed in), the others are made from a mix of cherry, purple heart and resin.
It’s a 1 vs 1 game that can be played a few ways. You can “play for keeps” , wagering your Pogs against your opponent’s or by keeping score. Play: you and your opponent put an equal amount of Pogs in a shuffled stack. Flip a pog or slammer to decide who goes first. With your slammer, slam it down on top of the pog stack to disrupt it. The Pogs that land face down are yours to keep. Restack the Pogs, alternate turns, the winner is decided by the person with the most pogs when the stack is gone. I’m looking forward to teaching the family to play.