Lets Play Checkers

Old Drum Leather Works

SO… it all began with an idea… a not-so-good idea, but an idea all the same. I thought to myself… self, let us do a board game accessory where people can store their cards/dice in… you know an all-in-one. So, with some hope and happiness, I set out to make the item. Little did I know this would lead me to say… the F word… A LOT. SO, after working for many months and with a single tear in my eye, the project was done.

I looked at my project with awe and amazement and thought… how could I make this award-winning… then a voice from the leather said “Paint me and you will win”… so, without questioning the random voice, I painted the shit out of the project. Then the voice said… “Yeah, you painted too much, in fact, I think you overdid it by, you know, a lot”.

So, not to be disheartened, I set out to find another project. I knew there was only one place I could go to find such inspiration… the land of Last Minute Projects… There I meet a large piece of leather he was about 8-9oz and his name was Veg Tan. After getting it cut down to size I measured out and tooled equally spaced lines and make the appearance of a wood boarder around the boxes. Then out of nowhere a flash of genius… I should make small round red and black dots. Then, when I was not looking a small tan chrome tan bag appeared out of nowhere. The dots said this was their home and they lived there between games. Yeah, they said it was like that Harry Potter tent in that one movie where it is bigger on the inside than the outside. I was like… Okay…

So, it is where my adventure ends. With the creation of the Checkers Board. I took the project home and knew, this… this was a winner.

Material: Leather 8-9oz for the board – Leather 3-4oz for the red/black dots.
Dye: Black dye for the squares – Lt. Brown for the wood border
Paint: Red Paint for the squares
Silver Sharpie for the outline between the squares
Brown Sharpie for the lines in the Lt brown border.