Chess 002


Inspired by a James Krenov design. This regulation sized chess board is handcrafted of solid wood. The space between the squares and the elevation of the playing surface give a sense that they are slightly floating above the frame. The wood included in this board is beautifully figured maple, accented by locally harvested black walnut. The squares of each color are taken from 1 respective board, and placed in sequence. The squares are joined by 112 oak dowels. This piece is finished with a clear antique oil finish which enhances the color and figure of the wood.

By far the most challenging aspect of this build was the doweling of the playing surface. 224 holes,112 dowels, and squares that I planned to keep in their original grain sequence. The was zero margin for error. The playing surface also required 30 separate glue ups to maintain flatness and the spacing between each square.

(The chess pieces in the one photo are for show only, not part of the project)