Ithildin (Moon-Star)


This wand is made from a wood known as Blue Mahoe. This is the only known wood to have a blue/greyish hue to it. I took an 8″ piece of this wood and centered it on my lathe, to turn it perfectly round. Once the wood was centered and round and the general handle shape was complete, I started to change the center point on one end of the wood, which would cause it to be turning off center. I would then turn away about a 2″ section before changing the center once more and moving on the next section. I changed the center four different times as I worked my way up the wand. Then I would alter the centers once more and work my way back down to the handle of the wand. Once I had a general shape that I liked I sanded it down and put a clear coat on it. There was no plan going into this build as I have never messed with multi axis turning and had no idea how this was going to turn out. I just let the tool do the work and let my imagination run with this wand. It was a great learning experience and extremely fun as it was a first for me and for so many of my viewers that watched as well on stream. The overall build took me about 2 to 3 hours to complete.

This wand hales from a far-off land buried deep in a valley of the Great White Mountains. This land is known as Dor Daedeloth, the land of shadows. In the heart of this valley there is a sacred blue mahoe tree that only a few ancient elvish families know of. These elvish families are tasked with protecting this tree, as it is the source of all magic. Every thousand years our family is called to the tree to select one and only one branch to carve into a wand. This wand is then presented to the next elven child that will become a guardian of this sacred power and tree. This year is my turn to become a guardian of this tree. I am so scared to be handed one of these wands and they hold more power than any elf should have. My father is the one that will pick the branch and he will be the one to carve the wand. Once the wand has been carved it will be handed over to me. Once I accept the wand, my training will begin, as I will be tasked to guard this tree with my life for the next thousand years. What will the future hold for me? Will I be able to protect the tree and its magic? Only time will tell.