Wand of the Moon Goddess


Looks a bit childish but I don’t care!! Made of paper with thread and sparkles, and some lace around the handle. Full length around 55 cm/21 inch long, moon has a diameter of about 11 cm/4.5 inch. Inspired by my love of classic fairy tales and the Dark Parables games!

All stories have truth somewhere… Found deep underground the Frog Prince forest of Germany, in a hidden kingdom filled with things long forgotten by our modern world. This shining wand is believed to be the Moon Goddess final gift bestowed upon the Earth she loved so much. Know for her gentle and nurturing sprit, she protected the mortals where ever she could and bestowed many gifts to help mankind through the trials of life. 5 star crystals to extend the evening nights after long days under the punishing sun, stardust to dream even in the darkest of nights, and the blessing of the Lunar Child, a child chosen every 1000 years, imbued with the power to hold immunity to any and all enchantments. How her wand came to lay in our world nobody knows except it is known that the last Lunar Child had a fondness for a certain cursed prince….