Dragon’s Breath


This is a tooled leather wrapped bbq wand. That’s right this wand will light your world. It took a guesstimated 2 hours to tool it, 1 hour to dye and finish it and 2 hours to hand stitch.

A very short time ago, in a land unknown to the average human, I was riding along on my magical unicorn. I was hauling another glorious load of leather to my workshop when an enormous fire breathing dragon flew into my path. The beasts gaze fell upon my magnificent load of leather. They say that dragons are drawn to gold, but this was a treasure much finer. We both knew it and glared at each other. The dragon began circling with the intent to kill and loot my precious cargo. I saw the dragon inhale in preparation for a fiery breath and grabbing the nearest side of leather I ducked and slapped that dragon silly until all that remained was a small wand. Imprinted was his last glare and the power within was his fiery breath to smite my enemies. I carefully retrieved my wand and remaining leather and returned to my workshop only to keep this story secret from all… until now.