Techno-Wizard Wand


As with my other submissions I wanted something unexpected and unusual made from equally uncommon parts. My pc power supply had recently died so I thought “why not turn this into a wand?”. The only parts not from the power supply are the batteries, string and the stand. Even the handle is the case hammered into shape. The fan is wired to a switch and making it taught me a bit of electronics. …. And how to possibly make a mini welder *shhhh don’t tell em*.

It took roughly 15 hours and is held together by glue gun sticks and hope.

The Techno-Wizard’s wand was commissioned by the great Count Matt-Von Curtain! To aid in his quest to find his beloved Emilimagine! Long time viewers of FavouredGrain will remember tales of the great count Matt Von Curtain and how he searched the land night ‘n’ day for her! EMILIE WHERE ARE YOU?, YOU BEAUTIFUL Bi… love you!