The Worldshaper


I whittled my wand from a dried cypress branch. I stained the handle afterward with diluted watercolor, different dilutions for different color intensities and different effects. I oiled it with boiled linseed oil at the end. The stand was made with a piece of reclaimed pallet wood and some metallic wires twisted together with a drill. It took me 18 hours to make.

This wand is called the Worldshaper. It was made by faeries in a Breton forest called Brocéliande. It was infused with the magic contained in every living beings, the animals, the plants, the trees, the flowers, the rivers and lakes and the faeries, elves, dryads, fauns… It holds a tremendous amount of power and energy that can shapes the reality around us and can only be controlled by an altruistic soul otherwise it holds no power at all. I was chosen to be the newest owner of this wand and wonder what my first adventure in this legendary world will be…