Fishing Tales


The blade, fish, hook and part of the stand are made from burl that a friend gave me, species of wood unknown. The handle and tip are made from old samples of different colored faux granite countertops, shaped into small discs. The chain was carved from a solid piece of ash and painted to look like metal. The hook is attached to the chain with a clasp out of my tackle box. The skeleton is a piece of 3/16″ steel rod that runs from end to end, fish to tip. Everything except for the chain has 2-3 layers of casting/coating resin. Most of the carving and shaping was done with a dremel and a 1″ × 30″ combo sander. I have out 24+ hours into this wand(22hrs) and stand(2+hrs).

One hour before sunset the wand is released, like a trout in the stream, by the old fisherman when he can no longer cast a line. The next worthy angler of the wand is a person that respects the land and the waters. The spells are cast upon those that catch more than they need, the ones that kill for sport, or pollute the water. Their hooks will rust, their boats will sink, they will never catch a fish as long as they live.