Dodecahedron Planter


Dodecahedron Planter

Materials: PLA, CA, gap filling sand for CA, white spray paint, Oracal self-adhesive vinyl, Vallejo model color

132 parts

holds 5 plants in a 6cm pot and 1 in a 9cm pot

I designed the planter in Solidworks from scratch. I know that there are similar designs available, but they all use a lot of filament / need a lot of support / take a long time to print / need a lot of work before painting.

The frame for each side is made of 5 identical parts. By doing it this way a lot of build plate surface area can be utilized. This keeps the number of print jobs down.

The frame parts are printed with the visible surface on the build plate so the assembled planter does not have any visible layer lines.

After assembly, the frame was slightly sanded with 320 paper and painted matt white while the panels were covered with vinyl.