Bamboo Beads Plant Hanger


I had a plant that was trailing a lot, I remember showing it on stream because I was so surprised it grew that much in just several months. I knew that the best thing to do with this one plant was to make a pot hanger of some sort. I like macramé, but I was wondering if other people would do that already and wanted to be a bit more original. Plus I wanted to use wood but I couldn’t find a project to settle on. I remembered that two years ago I cut down some bamboo into beads and never had a chance to use them. This is a great material as a neighboor has some growing outside of his garden and we’ve been using it for diverse projects in the garden. I began cutting down lots of bamboo with a saw and a jig that Matt made for me two years ago and played a bit with them by weaving them free form together. I began doing several star shapes and then wondered about a spiral base circle, and then I tried to come up with a way to assemble all my pieces together. Since there was some holes I used some Fimo beads I made spare from another project, and then added some rope braids to make the hanging part. It took me 10 hours to cut manualy, and then 10 hours to weave everything in. It wouldn’t have taken that long if I had use powe tools for the cutting and if I had known in advance how to weave in the beads. It’s not the best project I ever did, but it’s made out of wood in a way and it’s looking natural/organic which I like the look of. It’ll be a great addition to the house.