Y’ai ‘ng’ngah (I call death)


Mixed media construction. The tentacle is sculpted with polymer clay over an aluminum armature. Parts of the hilt were designed in SolidWorks and printed using FDM and resin printers. The part encapsulating the glass tube is made from 2mm brass pipe that also houses the wiring for some of the LEDs. The pommel contains a battery cell and a switch that can be operated by twisting the anchors at the end. Painted and airbrushed with Vallejo model paints.

October 13th 1807

After 21 days at sea we sighted land today. A search party found the entrance to a cave after around 3 hours.
Behind the portal, a seemingly endless stairway leads into the interior of the earth. A walk like the road to hell. The walls covered with unfamiliar symbols.
It gets colder and wetter the further we descend.

Discomfort had gripped most of the troupe as we stepped into a gigantic grotto. There he lay.
The great old one. In his death-like sleep. Deep under the Pacific Ocean. We had found the sunken city of R’lyeh.

The professor and I immediately set out to find a suitable spot on the huge, limp body.
We chose a vein that was similar in size to a sewer. We didn’t need much and so the syringe was quickly filled with the bluish
pulsing elixir of life.

I transferred the precious liquid into the hilt, which was made by instructions of the Necronomicon. As the ampoule filled, I felt the endless power of the Y’ai ‘ng’ngah.