Wyrd-Vörðr (Fate Watcher)


The handle is made from 1/2″ round stock steel. One end forged square, fullered and twisted. Then drilled a hole in the end. The other end was distal tapered square then split into quarters. Each of the quarters were forged into round vine shaped lengths. Then shaped around a green glass marble to look like an organic living object holding the glass sphere. The handles had a fuller on each end with a spiral filed into the handle and rounded.
The steel was then blued by using heat from a torch to turn it blue, purple and other colors.
A 1/4″ copper square rod was forged down into a long tapering wand and shaped and textured to be like a limb. Then twisted around and formed into shape. The handle end was shaped to fit into the drilled hole in the steel handle. Then epoxied into place. A thin copper wire was twisted and shaped and inlaid into the spirals of the handle.
This took 6 to 8 hours to make.

There was once a powerful druid cleric that never went anywhere without his staff with a magical amulet inlaid in the end of the staff. He used his powers to help the people of the villages in the kingdom. The old druid cleric fell ill and eventually passed away. The villagers were very sad and mourned his death. As per the customs of the Norse people they built a large pier and laid the cleric upon it and as all the villagers gathered around, the pier was ignited. The intense fire burned for days. When all the ashes finally cooled down the local blacksmith went over and found that the cleric’s amulet was still intact. He took the amulet and forged a wand from iron and copper, wrapping the wand around the amulet. The power of the amulet lays in wait for another powerful druid cleric to journey into the land and once again guard the kingdom from evil forces.