This wand took me about 10 hours to make. Starting with some oak chair legs, I turned down 6 pieces into their rough shapes. I then used a variety of power carving methods to rough shape the pieces before gluing them together. Final shaping using sanding drums with a rotary tool and hand sanding before using a torch to burn & wire brush to expose the grain. A few hours of hand painting & texturing later and Widowmaker was complete.

This wand, known as the Widowmaker, was plucked from the dead body of an enormous spider within the depths of the Pasrial Caverns many years ago. The effects of Widowmaker can be felt throughout the annals of time with stories of vanquished armies and toppled empires when used in the hands of a worthy spellcaster. Some say that those who are unworthy, yet dare to wield Widowmaker’s power will meet their untimely demise. Do you care to take a chance and cement your place in history?