Two Nightmares Before Christmas


Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite movies, and probably my favorite holiday movie. I drew both designs in procreate and then brought them into Illustrator, vectorized them, laser cut the pieces and painted a bunch of them. The Jack and Sally ornament has a plywood background with 16 different pieces of acrylic to make Jack and Sally. I engraved the details on the acrylic and painted them in. Jack on the hill was made with black acrylic with engraved and painted details, and with a sparkly piece of yellow paper as the moon. This was the first time I ever tried paint pens and I can’t wait to use them again. The most challenging part was how tiny some laser cut pieces were. Note there’s a sliver of red acrylic “hair” between Sally’s arm and her waist. In retrospect, I should’ve drawn it differently to not have that piece there, but oh well. Super happy with these and can’t wait to hang them on the tree this year!!