Tinkerer Wand


The Tinkerer’s Wand was carved from a solid piece of hard maple. It was wood reclaimed from a 45+ year old workbench top and measures 16 1/2” (41.9cm) long. This is the first carving that I have attempted. The wood was roughed into shape on the lathe and the spiraling branches were formed by power carving the bulk of the material away. The final shape and details were hand carved into the wand. The spiraling shape was chosen to bring a magical effect coming out of the handle and bringing the appearance of motion to a still piece of wood. The handle is wrapped in suede leather and this was my first attempt working with leather and wrapping a handle. The wand took around 20 hours to carve, finish, and wrap. The stand was made from walnut. There were lots of mistakes, setbacks, and new skills learned with this challenge.

The Tinkerer’s Wand is the most powerful wand in the universe and its strength continues to grow as it absorbs all of the skills and abilities of the generations of craftsmen that possess it. When wielding this wand, the holder will be instantly surrounded by the magical handicraft radiance it exudes to guide and inspire the holder. Even at rest the wand is spiraling good tinkerer vibes to all in its presence.