The Flying Dragon


I wanted to make wood puppets for a while. As I needed to come back home to France at the end of November (which was the original deadline of the challenge), I believed I would have no time to make a proper puppet, so I settled on making a flying mobile instead. I began researching flying mobiles on the internet and mostly finding birds. As I was trying to chose one to go for, it occured to me that I didn’t see much of other types of flying creatures and thought a Dragon would be more fitting my culture and art style. I sketched some dragon shapes, divided the parts into body, wings, legs and began working with the spare pine wood we had. The parts got sawed, carved, sanded, pyrographed, reinforced with super glue and polished. Then, everything was assembled and waxed. To make a fliying mobile you need to balanced the wings to determine where to put the holes to fit in the threads. Once everything was done, I needed a counter weight. I usually found balls as references, but I liked the idea of a tiny dragon better. So I carved a tiny dragon in pine to add to the final project. I took me a whole week to finish up the project to a level I was happy with, and now it’s standing proudly in the living room taking on the light of the lamps.