Sleepy Moon Man


This was my first time sculpting in about a decade. I used Creative Paper Clay and made this piece live on stream. It’s an airdry clay and took about 3 days to fully dry. I made a hole in the head to feed the wire through so I could hang it! He is 5.25″ x 1.75″ x 2″ – I initially wanted to sculpt a realistic character, but I had so much fun with the creative process – the moon man character evolved, and chat even had some suggestions such as the bell on his head, and the smiley face carved into the bell! He was angry, and then screaming, and now he’s meant to be yawning. I used acrylic paint to add a little blush and some red accents – the bell is painted in a metallic bronze acrylic paint. I don’t have a Christmas tree yet, so I hung him outside!