Scrapwood Vise


As any woodworker knows, you can never have too many clamps. That’s where the idea for this came from. I wanted to make it from a variety of woods for visual interest, and ended up with an Oak base, Sugar Maple faces & lower body, Cherry upper body, Wenge pads & side rails, and Paduak knob ends. The metal bar is a piece of EMT conduit polished up that slides end to end and can swivel like a real vise would. Tools used were the thickness planer, tablesaw, bandsaw, disc sander, router, and lathe.

All told it took around 15 hours to make, with at least half of that just shaping the pieces with hand sanding. I started with a diagram of an actual wooden vice for the basic dimensions, but deviated from the plan once it started coming together. I’m happy with the final result, and it’s always fun to troubleshoot the various issues that you encounter from determining safe ways to make complex cuts to ensuring that you don’t YEET! it all during assembly.