Lathe turned Nutcracker and Snowman


Soft pine wood which was scrap spacing strips, was turned on my lathe. Three total pieces of wood used. The snowman which is all one piece, hat, body, and finial. Nutcracker used two pieces of wood with the hat, body, and finial, is one piece and the arms were turned with another piece and attached to body. Keeping the wood tones showing instead of painting show it is homemade. The Snowman has an oak stain and a cute smile plus eye, mouth, and buttons painted on, and of course a carrot nose. The Nutcracker just has polyurethane. I made these both in a couple hours from start to finish, as I didnt get to start until the evening of the 30th. This is my second Snowman I have ever turned, as the dog thought the first one was a chew toy. The Nutcracker came about as I was turning the wood. It was not planned, but it appeared.