Fredward Gregorny, Ex-Feral


I wanted to take on the challenge by trying an art medium I’ve never done – needle felting! This ornament probably took a total of 6 hours, and I did poke myself a few times, but that was due to rushing near the end of the deadline. I used a wooden hoop, muslin and cotton fabric for the back, and needle felting wool for the head. I colored his nose with a pink marker, enhanced a little of the nose with a sharpie, and used polyester thread to create his whiskers. I also wanted to incorporate his notched ear, a thing the city does to show people that feral cats are fixed.
There are no eyes….opting for a more minimal style. You would not want to see the eyes I tried!
Freddie is a feral cat I befriended, caught, and have been helping him be more comfortable inside our apartment for a whole year! He is very sweet, smart, shy, and observant. I thought it was time he had a christmas tree ornament of his own! ?