Farmhouse Style Planter Box

Platt – Ghost Cat WW (Discord) | Plattinthehat (Twitch)

I made this planter from three cedar fence picket and took me about 2 half days – this was mostly and exploration of making something simple and functional, with a little extra detail, using a good outdoor material. And my mother wanted one!

I wanted to go for the farmhouse look with the X brace details to elevate it a bit above the standard cedar fence picket planters that populate social media this time of year.

I tend to have a lot of paralysis by analysis trying to figure out something to make, and always want to make something new and interesting. But for this project, I wanted to remind myself that sometimes making something simple and functional for a loved one is what really matters.

The most challenging aspect was keeping my respirator on, because I love the smell of cedar and wanted to be immersed in the scent! But I know that cedar dust especially is horrible for your lungs so I restrained myself.