Extra Ratchet


Using scraps from the game challenge, I made a “musical” ratchet for my wife’s classroom. The gears are made from maple. They are affixed to the center shaft using dowels. There are maple spacers between the gears to keep them in line with the “slappers”. The handle is a hardwood dowel. The arms are made of cut offs from the chess/checker game board. The block at the end, which holds the “slappers” is from the extra edging from the chess/checker board. The “slappers” are maple and walnut pieces that were used to make the edging. Outside of the hardwood dowels used for the handle and shaft for the gears, the ratchet is made of walnut and maple. The structure only uses glue to keep everything together. After making it, the volume the ratchet puts out is much louder than can be used in a classroom.