CNC table


My first idea was to have a table, with wheels so I can roll around, while thinking and designing it, I added more and more features, like storage space, a movable dust and sound protection cover, and some additonal working space. As I am limited on tools at my current place, I made the whole design of premade parts, which I only had to assemble. I used string pressed aluminium profiles, which I could order cut to length – this of course included a detailed CAD planing. I first wanted to go for self made drawers, and eventually decided against and used normal Euro boxes as those were cheap. The cover will be added with sound proof foam soon, but already yet it reduces the sound by 5 dB. Additionally it keeps all the dust in, and makes it much easier to clean. I also added some lights, and of course a camera holder for my streams. A laptop arm holds the laptop for the CNC software, so the unit can be rolled around without too much hassle. As many projects this also changed on the go and has some slight differences on the original plans.