Blood-root Wand


This is a wood dowel rod shaped and wrapped in leather with a leather sheath. This took about 8 hours. The dowel was shaped with a drimal tool. The handle was wrapped with 2oz black dye leather. The rest was wrapped with tan strips of leather. Red paint was used between the lines to give it a bleeding look. The holder is 6oz leather dyed red and slightly tooled to give it a more aged look. The corners are help with rivets and the belt loop was sown on.

Blood-root Wand

Thou, not a rare wand, it is the least used wand. The core is Blood-root from the Bleeding Trees. These trees shear the same root system so as one dies the rest of the trees will feed on it. The roots stick up from the ground with thorns. These thorns are porous so when a beat runs into one it cuts and soaks up the blood of the animal/person. In some cases, they have been known to drain the blood out of anyone tangled up in the roots.

For the user, the Blood-root wand can be a dangerous weapon. While holding the wand, there is a small thorn that protrudes from the handle sticking to the wielder. In the wrong hands, it could cause untold damage… with a price. The Blood-root wand works by taking the blood of the holder. The more power the holder uses the more blood the wand must draw. For these holders, they have become taken by the wand, drawn to its potential. To the point of having their life drained from them. Some become so weakened but the use they can no longer wield magic again.

In the right hand, the user would finish their opponent with a few flicks of the wrist. In the right hand, the owner would learn the true nature of the wand. In the right hand, the holder would know the roots stores blood for later use. The hold would know to thrust the wand into the body of the fallen and let it drink from its victims. The holder would live a long life by taking the blood of others for their own use. For this holder, they could be infamous or another victim of their