Aisling Shíochánta (Peaceful Dreams)


The main mandala is made from 4 strands of cotton thread that are carried together as the piece was worked from the center out. The color gradient occurs when one or more of the threads are swapped for another color. This main mandala took around 40 hrs to make. It was then mounted onto a gold wire hoop with flexible jewelry wire, beads and crimp beads to hold it in place. The same cotton thread from the main piece was then used to create the bead and feather section on the bottom of the ring. Thread was knotted around the ring and then passed thru the beads and sewn to the calamus (quill) of the feathers. The feathers used were dyed ostrich feathers. In total the piece took approximately 45-50 hrs to make. There are backlit pictures to show the design as well as indoor and outdoor shots