African Blackwood & tiger wood wand


Exquisite handcrafted African Blackwood & tiger wood wand. Finished out with a my go to process for wands and ornaments.

The origins of this wand is often speculated to be of the Irish old world. No one is completely sure, but it has been mentioned it was created around the mid 17 hundreds. A gentleman that only gave his first name of Arthur sought out a man to create a magical wand. As the legend goes a wizard that lived on the outskirts of Dublin agreed to make a specific wand for “Aurther”. Years has passed and there has been reported sightings of the wand literally around the world. It is said that the wand emits a slight coffee like pungency when I close proximity.

It is said that Ivan Menezes now has possession of the wand and it is still used to this day. Only real lead we have for it’s use is a quoted comment made by “Aurther” in 1758 having a pint at The Brazen Head Pub stating “All we need is a bit of magic and touch of luck to make this work. If done right our creation will be known around the word, and enjoyed for many generations to come”.

Wonder what Aurther would think of it all if he was alive now? May be a good thing to ponder while enjoying a brew in the shop. ??