A Major Award


Work Time and Dimensions
Ornament: 6 hours-ish
Measuring 5 ⅞” Long and 2 ½” @ widest point
Box: 8 hours-ish

Coming up with an idea for this challenge proved to be a difficult task. As always, I do my best thinking just before the due date and I came up with a fun project that I really enjoyed making. Every Christmas Eve my family watches my favorite Christmas movie, “A Christmas Story.” There were many iconic ideas I could choose from the movie but I settled on one of the best in my opinion…..THE MAJOR AWARD aka the leg lamp.

The construction of the ornament itself is pretty simple. I cut out leather in the shape of the lamp and added some 3d features to give the shoe and lampshade some dimension. Some dye, black thread, and little swivel knife details brought all the leg lamp details together. However, an ornament as special as this couldn’t go without a home, so I built it one. Trying to stay true to the movie, I made my own little wooden crate out of leather. The wood grain is cut in with a swivel knife and antiqued to show all the little details. Inside the box was a little plain so I added a little Red Ryder BB gun Easter egg inside the lid. To finish it off I drew in the classic “Fra-gee-lay” with a paint marker.